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Quon Stothers Associates

QSA provides consulting services for Asset Management and Strategic Alliances.

Owner: Marda Quon Stothers, Architect, LEED AP, MS Business Management, Stanford University Sloan Program.

Associates: entrepreneurial, corporate, non-profit, government sector colleagues.

Services: planning and program management, project management, managing change, implementing sustainability, training, and executive coaching.

I see myself as an active, well balanced productive person working with people I consider my friends and growing collective wealth. There are a lot of women in my future vision and they are all thoughtfully enjoying love and life.  There is work and there is rest.  Work includes visually pleasing environments and products, and rest includes quiet, meditative, and spiritual depth.

Marda Quon Stothers, 2008

Corporate Asset Management

Our firm customizes our expertise in planning and program management, project management, training, and coaching

EXPERIENCE: Project manager for new 100 acre military base. Program manager for design guidelines for 1 billion/year worth of construction. led 1500 member engineering and scientist organization advocating aesthetic and sustainable design. Managed all western states assets of 30,000 member organization.

RELATIONS: US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, NAVFAC, Federal Network for Sustainability, Organization of Women Architects SF bay area, Center for Public Justice Washington DC, Wycliffe International, College Avenue Presbyterian Church, Alpha Delta Chi Alpha and Beta chapters, SM Dorsey High School alumni, Stanford GSB Sloan alumni.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching includes asset management. Through principles of "Your Money or Your Life" gained Financial Independence. Shaped by childhood in south central Los Angeles. Professional work experience in Los Angeles, San Francisco bay area, and New York City.

NonProfit and Foundation work

With my spouse's call to Christian work in Ireland, we lived in the Shankill road community in Belfast from 2008 to 2014 stimulating the economy and enlivening faith. Having experience in job seeking networking and managing government and non-profit organizations, I bring new energy and commitment to personal and community improvement. Now back in California my UK experience gives me a deep and wide pespective.