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Plain Drink Tea
large product photo   Plain Drink Tea, Ward J. Stothers' Book
of Poems and Prayers

by Ward J. Stothers
edited by Carolyne Gibson, forward by Bill McKnight author of Loud Silence, Illustrations by McCall Gilfillan and Merve Jones

To make public, words of one sojourner celebrating hope.  He creates wagons to carry readers beyond today's trouble, the tyranny of the past, and the lurking fear of the future.  Peace within divided Belfast will transform the Irish and Scots Irish diasporas, give new emigrants a life full vision, and remind the remainder of the resounding success.  Plain Drink Tea is his first book.

Available on Amazon or by contacting the author.

Ward J. Stothers, BS, MDiv.  Ward grew up as an Irish Catholic in the Bronx New York.  He moved to California in 1970 to teach school.  Along the way he became a Christian School principal and then an alarm installer owning a security business for 25 years.  Ward rediscovered his poetic gift while studying at San Francisco Theological Seminary.  The Stothers now live in Northern Ireland doing church, interchurch and community work in North Belfast since April 2008.