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Berkeley / Los Angeles / Ireland


by Ward Stothers

Creation:  We are made something like the Saviour, carved in his image, we hear and cheer in God our Lord, calling us to worship. We are human, we are His people.

Let us respond in prayer:

Almighty and Creator God
Who never made the exact thing twice,
Everything and everyone is unique;
Who spoke water to be filled in oceans of fish-things
Who caused air to be filled with
Birds that greet the dawn with song --

We pray for all who live on earth,
That we may wisely manage and not destroy
What you have made—primarily people

Not made by blueprints,
Nor by recipe
Not by test tube
Neither by guess, nor chance
Nor random stir of time and space, --
But by God, the Great One
Made in his image
With care and in love.
A people imperfectly present now
A people eternally perfect then;
Keep us from destroying each other
One more day, here and everywhere.

Keep us offering the tea drink of liberty
The living bread of life
And the God of salvation
For this world,
Jesus has come, Jesus is coming.


Copyright © 2010 Ward Stothers