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Ward Stothers' book of poems and poetry was published in March 2014. Entitled Plain Drink Tea it is available from the author or from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Since 2000, Ward Stothers has been actively preparing for the ministry in order to work in the christian church in Ireland, to assist in the area of reconciliation amongst the Irish people.  He has gifts of teaching and preaching using poetic language. 

Ward participated in a summer peace making institute with Reverend Jim Macdonell in 2004 where he met with community, political and religious leaders in the peace movement in Ireland. He returned in 2006 and 2007 and participated in two church leader conferences, Biblical Faith for a Changing World, and Kingdom Come Ireland. The Stothers have resided in North Belfast since April 2008.

Ward's Poetry

Written December 2009

For the folks we visit in Belfast.

Written upon the occasion of the 2004 summer institute.

Written for Margarette Quon.

Not Me
This poem is for peace.

Few grew old. Many lost a sibling.

My love for the creation God has made.

No room at the inn.


Prayers for the World

Prayers said at Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church,
Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2011-31 July Forgiveness

2011-10 July Call to worship

2011-12 June Pentecost

2011-29 May Celebrating Children

2010-25 July Creation

2009-13 Sept Benediction

2009-26 July Prayer of Intercession

2009-19 July For Your World

2009-24 May God Calls

2008-18 May Calamity

2008-27 Apr God of Relationships

Prayers said at College Avenue Presbyterian, Oakland

2003-10-12 Friend & Enemies

2007-05-27 Painting & Prejudice

2003-11-23 Violence

2004-04-10 Rising Life

2004-05-09 Women

2004-10-10 Mission

2005-09-18 Compassion

2004-08-08 Communion

2004-04-25 Children

2007-06-19 Fathers

2003-09-14 Prodigals

2004-01-04 Tennis Volley



Sermons and Benedictions

The Widow's Mite
One Women's Worth
24 May 2009

The Raising of Lazarus
Last delieved at evening worship
2 November 2008

The easiest solution with the most difficult practice

The miracles and meaning of God

Let Justice Prevail
The sermon Marda prepared for the Women's World Day of Prayer and preached on March 2, 2012 at Old Presbyterian Church, Templepatrick