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26 July 2009 Prayer of Intersession

by Ward Stothers


As the Secondary Schools finished Thursday (23rd), there will be Student Christian Organisation of Malawi (SCOM) conferences, taking place throughout the country this weekend (Friday 24th to Sunday 26th July).

Prayer Points –

  • Today is the conclusion of these conferences, pray for changed lives.
  • That these conferences will be wonderful times of teaching, fellowship, and building young people up in their faith, their love for Christ and their commitment to live lives that glorify God.


One of Christopher and Nivedita Macwan’s contacts, a Christian student from Gujarat, and his wife, were immediately sent back to India upon arrival at Heathrow Airport.  It seems he is a victim of a fake college, one that extracts high fees from perspective students who are unaware that they are being duped. Many students like the Macwans’ friend have borrowed money to come to the UK to study, and end up being left with large debts and an uncertain future.  

Prayer Point –

  • Please pray for this Gujarati friend and his family, who are now facing a very difficult situation and are hurting deeply because of the bitter experience they have had at the hands of unscrupulous people.

Lord right now, there, in Malawi
These students are worshiping you.
May they be empowered by your Holy Spirit
To grow and do revival things
To honor your name,
To love you Lord.

Lord you know the hurt right now in India
For this family who hoped everything,
Now with nothing
Down in debt
Suffering in sorrow
But hope because of you.

Give them more faith
To overcome disappointment,
To undercut  bitterness.

Maintain justice
Catch these thieves
Wreckers of hopes, and
Catch the Macwans
To know your grace,
Experience your love