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Newsletter April 2014


...the wonders He has shown you... and bring you back rejoicing once again into our doors

With God's peace we know that the time to return is Berkeley is now.  Our visa status is not sorted out, Ward needs physical healing, and many friends and family have affirmed this move. 

The NI Children's Hospice benefit concert with the Rev Elvis (Andy Kelso) from the midlands of England was held on 5 April.  This is perhaps the biggest event Jack Lamb has planned for the church.  Andy was over here a weekend in February for publicity and sound check.  God works in mysterious ways as a local man said.  We got talent grant funding.  People wanted to come and donations poured in.  Over £2000 was raised for the Children's Hospice, 225 people attended an Elvis Tribute, and many more people know that the church is not closed.

Karen Kilbourne Young, our good friend, who visits missionaries agreed to come to us when she would be in London.  Tuey, Randy and Evelyn came in

2009 to help with the children's neighborhood outreach and then go together to Iona.  Karen popped over for a day and concretely demonstrated how we weave people together.  Bill McKnight saw Ward at a bus stop and when he offered a ride five people piled in.

Bill remains Ward's dear friend and he moderated the book launch.  Ward found his voice and did well.  All the books on hand were sold.  Copies of Plain Drink Tea are available on Amazon.  It nicely put a marker on this transition.

Marda attended a weekend cloistered retreat at Drumalis Retreat Center organized by Tres Dias thanks to Derek and Edna's willingness to have Ward spend the weekend with them.  So we were both pampered but Ward will be coached to do his exercises.  Tres Dias is the Irish equivalent of the Crusillo movement also called Road to Emmaus within the Methodist tradition.  McCall shared this weekend with Marda. 

Jerem leaves SFO on 13 April and arrives on Palm Sunday.  He will spend a few days here to help us wrap up and pack up and carry us away.

If you haven't understood we are moving our home back to Berkeley on 17 April.  We don't understand fully.  People ask is this permanent, might you return?  Visa, family and health issues prompted this decision and we are fully at peace that this is the right thing at this time.  Transitions are hard and we know many have prayed for us and many have extended friendship.  Thank you.

Jon Kennedy will remain at The Loom and carry on with some of the things we do.  He is living in the faithfulness of God as he awaits the appeal on his visa status.  Meanwhile a member of his church has stepped forward with a strategy saying "I can't let that happen."  Jon will attend the AGM for the church in Manchester in May and will broach the subject of visa sponsorship with the Dean should his appeal prove unsuccessful.

We try to appreciate so many here who have enriched us.  But instead so much love is richly showered on us.  Our quiet yet active work of  weaving relationships and encouraging the faithful is appreciated. 

This will be our last monthly newsletter.  We intend to update in July.  All funds donated and proceeds from the sale of Ward's book will benefit the peace process in Northern Ireland from a wee house on the Crumlin Road where relationships are woven. 

We have the audacity to believe that we can build the unity of believers to do no less than alleviate poverty and sustain world peace. 

Jesus Christ is risen!  We rejoice.

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