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April 2014
the wonders
He has shown


March 2014
Patrick and Prep
for Easter


Feb 2014
4 Corners


Jan 2014
A glorious


Dec 2013
Thank full,


Oct/Nov 2013
Three more sets
and two trips


Sept 2013
The Lull Before
the Storm


Our greatest public splash. Ward meeting
the President, Republic of Ireland, also
a poet, at Clonard Monastery.

    August 2013
The Lull Before
the Storm
Another public splash. Both of us.
Whispering Belfast, Ulster Museum
Listen to the audio narrative. It starts and ends with Ward.
July 2013
NHS, blessings
and answers
Our earlier public splash. Both of us.
MOMA Ulster Museum, Belfast
    June 2013
Northumbria Community
      This is the coolest page and we didn't make it ourselves.
Marda's picture; Ward's poem;
our beloved leader Carole Kane on the tele!
    May 2013
Spring. Ahhh Spring
    April 2013
Going Back and Forth
    Feb/Mar 2013
Watch Ward on Youtube.  
Part One if you want t0 see
    Jan 2013
Three Sets of
    Nov 2012
Grate Full for
What is Now
    Oct 2012
Change One
Heart at a Time
    Sept 2012
Normal Schedule
    Aug 2012
The State of
      Follow MUSINGS -
the Stothers' blogspot
    July 2012
New beginnings
cycle around
      Follow this link to the book Alaina
compiled for Marda's big birthday in 2015
    June 2012
The Tide has turned
    May 2012
Work is Worship
  Even older
    April 2012
Persistance in Faith


  April 2010
Ahhh Spring!
          Feb/Mar 2010
Home and back
    March 2012
      Jan 2010
Happy New Year
    Jan/Feb 2012
Settled back in
      Nov/Dec 2009
Practicing thankfulness
    November 2011
      October 2009
Putting feet to faith
    October 2011
40 Years
      September 2009
Columba and Patrick
    September 2011
Group in China
      August 2009
Houseguests nonstop
    August 2011
Outreach time again
      July 2009
Sharing our Work
    July 2011
ADX Alum and Rory
      June 2009
Epilogues: Perspectives in conflict
    June 2011
Ah Long Days
      May 2009
Widening circles of Influence
    May 2011
Three weeks!
      April 2009
He is risen. He is risen indeed!
    April 2011
Stothers head back to Belfast
      March 2009
Refreshed & ready for another year
    January 2011
Why Belfast ?
      January 2009
Chose hope over fear
    December 2010
Could it be December 2010?
      November 2008
Seven Months in Belfast
    November 2010
Preparing for the Harvest
      October 2008
Harvest Thanksgiving
    October 2010
More time for rest
      September 2008
Summer came and went
    Aug/Sep 2010
Time for rest
      August 2008
Our Community is small
    July 2010
Small cities
      July 2008
Understanding the Troubles
    June 2010
The Loom, where relationships are..
      June 2008
Adjustments of Moving
    May 2010
We're not saying...
      May 2008
People Make the Place
            March 2008
Providence and Persistence

Don't know how to post the .ppt presentation from our 2010 and 2011 home visits

BrochureThumbnail 8 1/2"x14"
Brochure in .pdf format