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Berkeley / Los Angeles / Ireland

God Calls

by Ward Stothers

Good evening and welcome again to Crumlin Road Presbyterian
Will you join me in listening for God’s call,
To worship him.

Almighty, Creator God,
Your spoken word at the start,
Caused the waters to seek the land
With fish that show your grace at rest,
And the air to be speckled with birds
That introduce the dawn with song
And dismiss its light at dayset.

We take pleasure in the worth and wealth of your creation
And will take pains to sustain its richness.
We pray for those in power
To use your provision
In limited scales
For the greatest life
For rich, and surely poor,

Honoring you limitlessly
Choosing your august life
Accepting your transforming love
God who has done marvelous things,
And set the table of Nature
With the curl of leaf, and bounding black bear,
Rocks that sleep
And the scented speech of a rose
We praise you at evening tide
Carrying baritone psalms with our bass Amen’s.
Hallelujah, God.

Copyright © 2003 Ward Stothers