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Berkeley / Los Angeles / Ireland

God of the Relationship

by Ward Stothers

Living as One in your multiple of Trinity
Aid for our failing hearts
Fingers for our knotted thoughts
Hearing for every distress
Sight for returning prodigals.
Savior of our soul.

Show us, how to be more than
Self committed, empty and vain,
Losing ourselves in Lone Ranger ways,
Consistently threatening to take our football home,
Sporting Napoleon’s pomp with our hand in our chest,
Warning to grow like the cactus,
Fleshy stems ---of prickly venom
Standing strong---and spiny, bearing no leaves
Budding a flower---but no one there to see
No one dare to touch, left to love itself.

Encourage us, Teaching One, to be
Faithful in wedlock
Loyal at work
Absorbed in church
Be the body of Christ
Connected in worship
Knit in unity
Willing to pray together
Loving our neighbor
even cursed with error
Joined to our God
Richly bound in our relating

You are the One who shapes goodness
Collects our wanders
A net for our stumbles
Gives sail for us frisbees
And our anxious chasing breath.
God so good
The One who never leaves us
in our pains and stirs during the solitary times,
Who never drops an echo.
Who can fear the worst
When we go hand in hand with God
who has counted us by our hairs
and who knows us by name.


Copyright © 2007 Ward Stothers