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Berkeley / Los Angeles / Ireland


by Ward Stothers


O Lord,
We only know this life of who we are
By your provisional serve of purpose and meaning,
Your pin point at the which way of things.
Your revelation.

Grant that the causeway of faith
Through your gifting Holy Spirit
Will align and regiment our hearts
For your daily illumination and shuffle of blessing.

Forgive us our overlooks, rain on our disregard
Spell it all clear, show us your glory.
Cause our feet to mimic your walk,
Poised with good news
Purposed with redemptive fire.

Support us all the days long
In all the endeavors we breathe for you—
Until the shadows lengthen
And our gait is no longer rhythmic,
And the evening comes
And the busy world is hushed,
The fever of life is over,
And our work  is done.

Then, in your mercy
Claiming us with your signature grace
Hand us foot to foot  and face to face
As cloudy witnesses have climbed before
To Your guarded and glorious promise of
Living with you, forever,
O Lover of our souls and Light to the world,
God out there, God always
God in us, God only.

Copyright © 2004 Ward Stothers