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Berkeley / Los Angeles / Ireland


Lord, we thank you, today
For the world of Women garnished with children,
Filling the family scripts of the everyday.

Combing strands of life, parting history
Spinning tales for pausing, toddler breath
Catching up with scurrying, giggling feet.

Guiding teenage trials with tears of healing promise,
Praying storming times through, from stand-still to sit down.
Being the collect call for grown-up tales.
Offering the taste of hope for their tied-up lives.

Laboring, loving, lecturing, governing
Banker, lawyer, artist, governor,
Co-keeper of the home.

Celebrating each birthday, singing every song
Reading every novel, rehearsing all encouragement,
Receipts of love for every gandered rose,
Catching kisses from always busy sons,
Given squeeze, from distant loving daughters
And awe from ever open-mouth husbands.

God, we pray
In the midst of the batter of sin,
And shortened wholeness in relationships,
That family will mean a wholesome place
For the blessing of Mothers, this lifetime.

Copyright © 2004 Ward Stothers